SB-400 System

SB-400 System (432Kbps / 1Ch HGA)

This system is recommended for small and large aircraft that require the cockpit and cabin service


The SB400 Swift Broadband System delivers up to 432kbps throughput via a single channel.

The SB400 system includes a High Gain Antenna, Satellite Data Unit, and combined High-Performance Amplifier and Diplexer/Low Noise Amplifier.

The equipment supports applications such as VPN, e-mail, telephone, and Internet browsing, as well as streaming data applications like video.

Antenna and components are lighter and smaller than most competitive Swift Broadband solutions, saving you fuel while maximizing your stowage space and payload capacity.

Key Feature

  • Six different HGA models available to fit virtually any airframe—from large air transport to medium helicopter
  • Up to half the weight of and one third smaller than competitive antennas
  • Best-in-class passive inter modulation performance
  • Only two modular system components needed, offering greater installation flexibility and maximum utilization of space
    • Do not need to be co-located
    • Can be mounted outside the pressure vessel
    • Built-in GPS receiver
    • Different interface options to suit your applications
    • Seamlessly integrates with a variety of cabin gateways and handsets

Antenna Type: HGA-7000