Certification 20171/SDPPI/2011

Multi-user device, extensive functionality

The Explorer 727 is Thrane & Thrane’s second generation BGAN vehicular terminal.

It comprises a robust, compact, roof-mounted antenna, which constantly tracks the satellite while on the move, and a transceiver which is positioned inside the vehicle.

The Explorer 727 boasts multiple voice and data interfaces including ISDN for legacy applications and 4 Ethernet ports for multiple users. It provides Streaming IP up to 256kbps for higher quality live video, videoconferencing, telemedicine and other streaming applications. It has been specifically designed to provide optimal broadband on the move for military, civil government, media and other commercial sector organisations.

Terminal overview
Manufacturer Thrane & Thrane
Terminal 265 x 273 x 43mm (2.5kgs)
Antenna 477 x 152mm (6kgs)
Standard IP Up to 492kbps (send & receive)
Streaming IP 32, 64, 128, 256kbps (send & receive)
ISDN 64/56kbps
Voice 2 x 2-wire, RJ-11 phone/fax, 3.1kHz audio
Data Interfaces 4 x Ethernet, 1 x ISDN (RJ-45)
Ingress protection IP 31 terminal
IP 56 antenna