Explorer 700

Certification 18024/SDPPI/2011

Multi-user device with extensive functionality

The Thrane & Thrane Explorer 700 combines optimal performance with extensive functionality in an extremely flexible and robust design. It provides access to the highest bandwidth available on the BGAN network with multiple voice and data interfaces, including WLAN connectivity.

It is ideal for live video applications or for teams to share in a temporary office environment, whatever the climate conditions.

Terminal overview
Manufacturer Thrane & Thrane
Size 297 x 399mm (3.2kg)
Standard IP Up to 492kbps (send and receive)
Streaming IP 32, 64, 128, 256kbps or BGAN X-Streamâ„¢ (send and receive)
ISDN 2 x 64kbps
Voice Via RJ-11 (x2) or Bluetooth handset, 3.1 khz audio
Data Interfaces USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet (x2), WLAN

802.11g, Digital I/O

Ingress protection IP 52 (transceiver) IP 66 (antenna)