Development FleetBroadband Indonesia

Development of Fleet Broadband technology seems to be fully felt in 2010. Several sailing companies and yacht owners in the world seem to have prepared fleet broadband technology as one of telecommunication support devices that possesses plenty of support Facilities such as Voice call, Internet access, and E-mail; and it can be integrated with several digital telecommunication devices, such as Cell Phone and Wireless.

As one of companies following the entry of Fleet Broadband technology in Indonesia, Digital Network Knowledge (DNK) is ready to fully support the maritime industry, especially in Networking Telecommunication. President Director of DNK, Thomas Widodo, explained: “We (DNK) are ready to accompany maritime businessmen in Indonesia in supporting the necessity for Telecommunication and Networking Technology, by providing international-standard After Sales Service from time to time; and all services we are offering can be distinguished from those of our competitors.”

Meanwhile, to support the optimization of Fleet Broadband technology in Indonesian region, DNK Operational Team is fully prepared to monitor all activities of fleet broadband 24 hours a day by providing maintenance from time to time whenever our customers need it. General Manager of DNK Sales & Marketing, Donny A. Razalie, explained: “We have prepared and optimized special quality teams to help handling any needs of DNK customer, especially in Fleet broadband Services; we are ready to go to any location from time to time, wherever you are in Indonesia.”

In order to provide quality service on time, DNK applies check and monitoring procedure in optimizing the results of team work on the field, by repeatedly monitoring the operational headquarter so that the quality service we provide will be maximal and on target. Donny A. Razalie added: “To optimize the performance, we are applying check and monitoring, in which every work on hand will be monitored from time to time until its completion, so that the result will be optimal, on target, efficient, satisfactory for the customer. It will be one of our superiorities in providing the best support and service in Fleet Broadband technology to any maritime businessmen in Indonesia.” (JT-DNK)