“Optimising exploration times with the optimum on-site connectivity”

BGAN provides instant, remote voice and high-speed data connectivity for all stages of the mining cycle, from mineral exploration through to mine closure. Exploration teams can send test data, still images and video to geophysicists back in the lab for immediate analysis and results, wherever they’re working or for how long – increasing the success rate of exploration and enabling you to act faster to exploit new deposits. BGAN terminals are ruggedised, highly portable, and can be set up in minutes – ideal for optimising the limited time companies have for exploration and extraction.

All stages of the mining cycle can benefit from using BGAN, from mineral exploration to the construction, operation and closure phases of a mine. It enables better control of the site establishment process and management, faster and better quality decision-making, and improved asset monitoring and site security – contributing to more effective and efficient operations and reduced costs.

Applications :

  • Standard office applications: email, internet, intranet, VPN, FTP, telephony, VoIP, file transfer, fax
  • Field technicians emailing exploration data, still images and video to headquarters for expert analysis either while on site or on the move
  • Conduct event-driven internet research and access company databases
  • Project managers sending progress reports and chasing suppliers and contractors
  • Remote mechanical assistance and telemedicine via live audio and video streaming
  • Remote site surveillance for monitoring assets and personnel
  • Welfare communications for remote workers

BGAN in-field equipment :

  • BGAN satellite terminal
  • BGAN voice handset
  • Laptop (MAC or PC)
  • Power adapters AC/DC, batteries, cables

Key benefits :

Simultaneous voice and broadband data

  • Quickly establish voice and high-speed data connectivity in areas of poor or nonexistent terrestrial infrastructure
  • Field technicians can send exploration data and images back to base for analysis immediately, without having to send a vehicle or wait for connectivity
  • On-site teams can send high-quality, live video of activities and discuss with headquarters by phone at the same time via a single device, resulting in improved analysis and decision-making
  • Better control of site establishment process and management as project managers can start sending progress reports and chasing suppliers and contractors as soon as they arrive on site
  • Reduces mine operation downtime by enabling service teams to send data, still images and video back to headquarters for remote diagnosis and assistance


  • Extremely robust terminals that can withstand challenging environments and extreme temperatures
  • Serves as back-up to fixed communications infrastructure once site has been established
  • Immediate front-line communications in case of incident or injury

Highly compact

  • BGAN terminals can easily be carried in a backpack or hand luggage by project managers travelling alon
  • Less personnel required to carry equipment, reducing operating costs
  • Vehicular interior units take up minimal space in the car, with a discreet tracking antenna mounted on the roof

Easy to use

  • No technical expertise or training required
  • Do not need additional personnel to install BGAN equipment, reducing operating costs
  • Quick and easy to set up and shut down


  • Compatible with industry-specific 3rd party peripherals
  • There are terminals that enable an instant wireless LAN so that remote teams can share a single BGAN connection
  • Compatible with a wide range of standard networking and connectivity solutions: wireless routers, VPNs, thin-client software, FTP applications
  • With a vehicular BGAN terminal you can access high-speed data while ‘on the move’
  • BGAN supports both ISDN and IP connectivity solutions, so integrates seamlessly with existing network infrastructure
  • Can be used without a laptop interface

Competitively priced

  • Significantly lower costs for terminals and airtime compared with previous mobile satellite services
  • No set-up costs
  • Can be deployed to more mobile teams, enabling real-time communications from more locations


Password and SIM card protection to ensure only authorised staff have access