Oil & Gas

“Improving decision-making and asset management”

BGAN is the only mobile satellite service to offer broadband data with simultaneous voice, through a single, highly compact device on a global basis. It is also the first service to offer guaranteed data rates on demand for live video streaming and videoconferencing. BGAN terminals can be used indoors and outdoors, being robust enough to withstand challenging environments and extremes of temperature. Vehicular BGAN terminals comprise a tracking antenna for mounting on the vehicle roof and an interior unit.

Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network service – BGAN – offers the oil and gas industry a compelling combination: instant, remote voice and high-speed data using compact, lightweight terminals that are quick to set up and easy to use. BGAN enables you to set up a temporary office with broadband connectivity while exploring new fields and wells or constructing drilling platforms. So the mobile field force can start working immediately, sending test data, images and video from site to base for analysis, helping to reduce find time. With vehicular BGAN you can minimise downtime even more by sending emails and making voice calls while on the move.

Both the upstream and downstream elements of the oil and gas value chain can benefit from BGAN. It enables improved asset and supplier management, rapid decision-making and contingency response and contributes to reduced capital and operating costs.

Applications :

  • Standard office applications: email, internet, intranet, VPN, telephony, VoIP, file transfer, fax
  • Site engineers and geologists sending exploration data and images to headquarters for analysis
  • Project managers sending progress reports and chasing suppliers and contractors
  • Oil well and pipeline remote maintenance teams doing repairs and scheduling workforce
  • Service teams checking isolated installations, enabling near real-time business reaction to well/rig asset status
  • Remote pipeline and well diagnostics
  • Welfare communications for remote workers

BGAN in-field equipment :

  • BGAN satellite terminal
  • BGAN voice handset
  • Laptop (MAC or PC)
  • Power adapters AC/DC, batteries, cables

Award : BGAN won the ‘Exploration – Ancillary and Analysis’ category in The Mining Magazine Awards 2009, which recognise technologies and mining equipment of significance to the industry.

Paul Moore, editor of Mining Magazine, said: “BGAN is the only mobile satellite service to offer broadband data with simultaneous voice, through a single, truly portable device on a global basis. ” For mining groups it is proving an invaluable tool at the exploration phase but also throughout the life and closure of operation.” Collecting the award at a recent ceremony in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada, Inmarsat’s business development director for the Americas, Frank August, said: “This award caps a fantastic year for BGAN in the mining sector, and it is a particular honour to receive it from such an industry authority as Mining Magazine. “BGAN’s advanced capabilities and global reach are ideal to meet the unique communications challenges of the mining sector.”