“In-flight connectivity, the intelligent way”

Everyone’s talking about what airlines and passengers do and don’t want from in-flight connectivity. At the same time, there appears to be numerous options being offered in the market for connecting aircraft systems, passengers and crew. If you’re currently thinking about in-flight connectivity, and are looking for a dependable, highly flexible, real-world solution, take a closer look at Inmarsat SwiftBroadband. Inmarsat has been successfully providing high-quality, global, mission-critical aeronautical communications for nearly 20 years. On a daily basis we serve thousands of aircraft across all sectors of aviation. And services meet the ICAO’s requirements for safety services.

Key Benefits :

Safe operations

The Inmarsat aeronautical system was the first to comply with the Standards and Recommended Practices of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) over 10 years ago. Today, our services support safety communications used by most of the world’s leading airlines and in areas of the Pacific, the majority of long-haul airliners flying at any time rely on Inmarsat.

Global coverage

Inmarsat’s satellite network covers most air traffic routes, ensuring connectivity with air traffic control and ground-based networks. SwiftBroadband, our latest generation service, will be accessible worldwide, except the extreme polar regions, after repositioning of the I-4 satellites. Currently, it is available across the Americas, Africa, Europe and Asia.

Reliable communications

Inmarsat is the most experienced satellite communications operator in the air transport industry. Our global satellite system comprises 11 satellites, owned and operated by Inmarsat, which gives us control over service availability. It is testament to our service record that Inmarsat services have been installed on longhaul aircraft for nearly two decades and are now a factory option on Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Total flexibility

Inmarsat offers in-flight connectivity options for a whole range of telephony and data applications. Our Swift services allow multiple users to share multiple high-speed data channels simultaneously, delivering bandwidth as and when they need it – providing a highly effective way of meeting the various communications needs of both crew and passengers. Our SwiftBroadband service supports both IP and circuitswitched services, with a choice of contended IP and data streaming on demand.

High performance

Inmarsat’s latest generation service, SwiftBroadband, offers a contended IP service up to 432kbps per channel, allowing more simultaneous users and more demanding applications. Data rates can be increased further by using parallel channels and data compression. The service is delivered over the Inmarsat-4 satellites, with the ability to dynamically allocate capacity to meet peaks in demand.


Inmarsat’s SwiftBroadband service delivers scalable, cost-efficient bandwidth as and when required. Users can choose between streaming or contended IP services to minimise costs, where you only pay for what you transmit.

Easy installation and integration

Provision of a high-gain antenna for Inmarsat services is now common in most current-production airliners. Inmarsat solutions can be integrated with existing in-flight entertainment systems and with wired and wireless local area networks for passenger laptop access.

Services : SwiftBroadband

SwiftBroadband provides voice and high-speed data, simultaneously, through a single installation on a global basis. SwiftBroadband is an IP-based packet-switched service that provides a symmetric ‘always-on’ data connection of up to 432kbps per channel. In Standard IP mode, the service is shared with other concurrent users of the system, providing a ‘best effort’ service. SwiftBroadband can also provide a pre-determined quality of service through streaming classes of 32, 64 or 128kbps. Higher bandwidth can be achieved by combining channels, currently up to two per installation.

SwiftBroadband provides a high-quality voice channel with the full functionality of land-based fixed phone services and a generic SMS service. For backward compatibility, it also provides a circuit-switched ISDN service. It is possible to have a combination of multiple packet-switched services with one circuit-switched service active at the same time. The end-user experience depends on the native performance of SwiftBroadband, as well as any performance-enhancing technologies that are being used eg. data compression, IP and application optimisation. more…

Applications :


  • Safety services – Automatic Dependent Surveillance (ADS), Controller / Pilot Datalink Communications (CPDLC)
  • Voice communications
  • Electronic flight bag (EFB), flight plan, weather and chart updates
  • Engine performance monitoring and fault reporting for major systems
  • General operational planning
  • Customer relationship information support
  • Crew reporting and general administration


  • Telephony: in-seat, mobile, VoIP and text messaging
  • Email, internet, intranet and instant messaging
  • In-flight news and entertainment updates