Emergency Response

505 emergency calling

Free direct-dial safety service


505 Emergency Calling is a short code dialling facility that provides direct access to maritime relief. In a time of distress, a seafarer need only dial ’505′ – selected for its similarity to ‘SOS’ – to immediately contact a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre (MRCC).

Please note that 505 Emergency Calling is not GMDSS compliant, and equipment compliant with GMDSS should be used in the first instance by those vessels equipped with it.

In an emergency, calling ’505′ will connect you to one of three MRCCs strategically located across the globe. You will be offered assistance in any type of emergency.

If you require rescue or other action, the MRCC will ensure you receive prompt assistance from those best suited to address your circumstances and location.

Quick facts

  • 505 Emergency Calling is offered free of charge by Inmarsat, provided it is only used in emergencies
  • Designed primarily for smaller vessels that do not require GMDSS-compliant equipment
  • Only for use via FleetBroadband 500, 250, and 150
  • Calls are directed to a Maritime Rescue Co-ordination Centre
  • Make 505 calls while engaged in an IP connection, but not ISDN

What to do

In an emergency, call ’505′ and clearly provide the following information:

Who you are – vessel name, telephone number and call-sign
Where you are – your latitude and longitude or a bearing and distance from a known geographical point
What is wrong – nature of emergency or difficulty
What you need – the type of assistance required
How many – the number of persons on board

505 Calling FAQs

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