Growing your customer base and increasing loyalty

DNK/Inmarsat’s Broadband Global Area Network service – BGAN – offers the retail banking industry a compelling combination: reliable, secure, voice and high-speed data connectivity – independent of local terrestrial networks – using compact, mobile satellite terminals that are quick to set up and easy to use.

BGAN enables banks to establish remote branch connectivity quickly and cost-effectively, offer bank card transaction facilities and deliver mobile banking to rural communities around the globe, without having to rely on poor terrestrial networks, or bear the cost of installing new ones.

Banks can increase their presence in previously out-of-reach locations, giving them access to new customers, and can enhance the range and quality of their services to clients, resulting in increased loyalty. Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs) and Point of Sale (PoS) networks give banks the opportunity to take advantage of bank card transaction growth by acquiring new customers and 3rd party transactions. All of this helps drive revenues and strengthen competitive advantage.



  • Remote branch connectivity
    BGAN can be used to establish new branches in remote areas, avoiding the wait and cost involved in installing terrestrial networks. Within a branch, a single BGAN unit can cost-effectively connect teller machines, ATMs and all bank IT equipment, via a small router, to the central bank. Bank staff can access the same applications as they would in a city branch for general administration, financial reporting and monitoring currency rates and stock, as well as to conduct client banking transactions.
  • Fixed and mobile ATMs
    With BGAN, banks can achieve the necessary reliable and secure connectivity between ATMs and bank headquarters to process cash transactions. They can install and offer round-the-clock, fixed ATM services to remote clients, giving them the means to debit/credit their accounts, and make balance enquiries, as if they were using an urban ATM. Alternatively, banks can offer mobile banking services, where an ATM is installed inside a van fitted with a vehicular BGAN terminal, which travels between rural and remote communities. Vehicular BGAN provides the same reliable, secure, high speed data connectivity for instant bank card transactions from virtually anywhere on the planet.
  • Point of Sale
    Shops, restaurants, hotels and retail outlets at tourist attractions in remote locations typically have poor or no fixed/ cellular connectivity to process credit card transactions. BGAN can be used to connect one or more PoS devices to a secure, reliable and fast data link to enable them to process payments.


• BGAN satellite terminal
• BGAN voice or VoIP handsets
• Laptop (MAC or PC)
• Power adapters AC/DC, batteries, cables

Key applications

• Credit check and data validation prior to transactions
• Debiting and crediting client accounts
• Credit and balance enquiries
• Database synchronisation with central bank to keep client and account information up to date
• Standard office applications: telephony, email, intranet, VPN, internet and fax
• Remote video surveillance for branches and ATM security